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Badge Holders

High quality badge holders in all styles and colours. 

5-Star Service

Superb Quality

Low Minimum

Evohold badge holder logo

Cardaxis™ are authorised sellers of EVOHOLD® badge holders. Made right here in the UK, our favourite EVOHOLD® badge holders are made from recycled plastic. 

A blue and red logo that says Made in Britain
A logo that says Made with Recycled Plastic.
A stack of colourful badge holders made by Evohold

About our Badge Holders

All our badge holders, just like our lanyards, are carefully selected for their excellent quality and value for money. 


Using badge holders with your custom printed cards can save you money, because they help protect your cards from damage and wear. This helps make sure they last for years to come, meaning you spend less money on replacements in future. 


We supply everything from EVOHOLD® open-face badge holders, to solid plastic badge cases and soft, vinyl card holders. 

Open-Face Badge Holders

This type of badge holder protects the corners and edges of your cards, leaving the front of the card open for easy viewing. 


The popular EVOHOLD® Open-Face Badge Holder is lightweight but durable, available in a wide range of colours that co-ordinate with our lanyards. Choose either portrait or landscape, with the capacity to hole either 1 or two cards at a time. 

Solid Badge Cases

This type of badge holder is made from clear, hard plastic to provide the best protection to your cards. 


They fully encase your cards, protecting all corners, edges and the front and back surfaces. 


The Premium Badge Case is the most popular choice, followed by the Lockable Badge Case (with key) for extra security. 

Flexible Vinyl Badge Wallets

Made from a soft vinyl material, our flexible badge holders fully encase your cards, protecting all corners, edges and the front and back surfaces. 


Being lightweight and splash-proof with soft edges, these badge holders are popular with our customers who work in healthcare and childcare, and for those providing cleaning and maintenance services. 

Need something different? Get in touch and we'll supply it.

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