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custom id cards displayed in badge holders with the cardaxis logo

Badge Reels & Clips

High quality retractable badge reels and clips. 

5-Star Service

Superb Quality

Low Minimum

About our Badge Reels and Clips

Retractable badge reels are designed to keep your card out of the way but within easy reach. 


Each of our badge reels feature a retractable cord which allows you to easily show or swipe your ID card when needed. The cord then neatly retracts back into the reel, holding your card securely in place until you need to use it again. 


Our locking clips feature flip top clips that are designed to attach to your shirt, jacket, trousers or belt, with standard or reinforced straps that fasten securely to your ID card. 


Perfect for when you need to keep your ID cards clearly on display, but safely out of the way, close to the wearer's body. 

Need something different? Get in touch and we'll supply it.

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