Heavy Duty Plastic Badge Case

Heavy Duty Plastic Badge Case


Premium quality, extra durable badge case that fully encloses your ID cards.

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The Bear Hug Badge Holder is a solid badge case that encloses your ID card entirely, proving complete protection to all edges, corners plus the front & rear faces.

Properly protecting your cards ensures they last for years, which helps reduce waste & saves you money on getting replacement cards printed in future.

Made from extra durable, crystal clear material, all text and colours printed on to your cards are perfectly visible.

They're lightweight & compatible with any stock lanyard, clip or bead necklace, plus each features a thumb slot on the reverse which makes insertion & removal of your cards easy.

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Cardaxis™ are a dedicated ID card printing service, supplying businesses of all sizes with photo ID cards for their staff, trainees, volunteers, visitors and more. We design, customise and print all ID cards in-house at our Manchester print office, using British manufactured PVC as standard.

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