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About Our Lanyards

We supply all styles and colours of lanyards. From plain, bold coloured lanyards to pre-printed lanyards with wording like 'staff', 'student' and 'volunteer'. We even supply NHS branded lanyards for those of you who work in the healthcare industry.

Every single one of our lanyards comes with at least one safety break-away clip. These are designed to come undone if they are caught or pulled to ensure the wearers safety. The lanyard then clips back together so it can continue to be used.

Pre-Printed Lanyards

A cost-effective alternative to custom printed lanyards, our 15mm pre-printed lanyards are made from a flat, braided material. Your choice of wording is printed repeatedly along both sides of the lanyard in large, bold lettering.

These are lightweight lanyards with plastic J-Clip attachments that clip securely to your ID cards or badge holders.

Need something else? See our Custom Printed Lanyards, or contact us to find out more.

Selection of colourful pre-printed lanyards

Pre-Printed Lanyards

High quality lanyards pre-printed with large, bold text. The wording is repeated along both sides of the coloured lanyard for maximum effect.