Lanyards for ID Cards

There are lots of ID card accessory options out there, from various types of badge holders, clips, reels and lanyards. This article talks about the different types of lanyard availble, with the aim of helping you decide which will work best for you.

1. Lanyard Materials

2. Lanyard Widths

3. Lanyard Attachments

4. Plain or Pre-Printed

5. Custom Printed


1. Lanyard Materials

Most lanyards are made from polyester, a durable and versatile material that can last for years. Polyester lanyards come in flat, tubular or woven styles and can be printed on using dye sublimation or screen-printing methods.

Our 10mm tubular lanyards and 15mm plain or pre-printed lanyards are made from polyester, whilst our custom printed lanyards (20mm) are made from completely recycled PET.

Your lanyards will be worn on a regular basis, so it’s important to choose a high-quality lanyard that will be comfortable to wear, whilst being hard-wearing & easy to keep clean.

Tip: Some lanyards are made from bamboo which is often seen as an eco-friendly alternative to polyester. Whilst bamboo is a sustainable crop, the process of turning it into a workable fabric involves heavy use of harmful chemicals that can work their way into the environment.

2. Lanyard Widths

Lanyards tend to come in standard sizes. Ours measure approximately 45cm in length from the back of the neck to the ID card attachment, with widths of either 10mm, 15mm, 20mm or 25mm. More lightweight or heavier options are available if needed.

Our most popular purchased lanyard is the 10mm plain lanyard with metal lobster clip because it is lightweight & comes in lots of styles & colours with different attachment options. These lanyards work for any business in any industry.

For a more premium look & feel, try wider 15mm lanyards. These come plain or pre-printed with text like ‘staff’, ‘visitor’ or ‘contractor’ in lots of colours, too.

20mm & 25mm width lanyards work best for custom printed options. They offer plenty of space to showcase your logo & branding, and can be incredibly striking & eye-catching.

3. Lanyard Attachments

Lanyards come fitted with different types of clips that attach to your ID cards.

As standard, all lanyards should be fitted with safety breakaway clips; small plastic clips that sit near the wearer’s neck. These clips are designed to come undone when the lanyard is pulled or caught, ensuring the lanyard comes safely off the wearer in case of an emergency. The clip then fastens back together again so the lanyard can continue to be worn as normal.

Metal Lobster Clip

A smooth metal clip, named due to its shape, which attaches to your ID card or badge holder. It adds a little weight to your lanyard & offers a more premium look & feel than standard plastic clips.

Plastic J-Clip

A high quality, smooth plastic clip which is thicker & more durable than standard plastic clips. They’re very lightweight but look great & hold your ID card securely in place.

Standard Plastic Clip

Standard plastic clips are the most cost-effective attachment. A lightweight alternative to the lobster clips and J-Clips, but just as smart, they hold your ID card in place securely.

Badge Reel

A retractable yo-yo reel attachment on your lanyards enables you to swipe/scan your cards at entry points or security gates. They’re designed to be lightweight yet durable & come in a variety of styles & colours.

Low-Cost Metal Clip

Standard metal clips are lightweight & cost effective. They hold your ID card securely in place & don’t distract from your lanyard or ID card.

4. Plain or Pre-Printed?

Lanyards come in plain colours or pre-printed with stock text. Plain lanyards are widely available in a variety of colours with different material & attachment options as mentioned above.

Our pre-printed lanyards come in a width of 15mm with J-Clip or Lobster Clip attachments, printed with black or white lettering on a coloured lanyard of your choice:

  • Staff

  • Visitor

  • Volunteer

  • Temporary

  • Contractor

  • Security

  • Emergency Services

  • Student

  • Delegate

Using coloured or pre-printed lanyards can help make your staff instantly recognisable in the workplace or at events, conferences & exhibitions. Custom printed, branded lanyards are also a fantastic option, too.

​5. Custom Printed Lanyards

Getting lanyards printed with your logo is a fantastic way to increase your brand exposure. Custom printed lanyards are more costly than plain or stock-printed lanyards, but they really are worth it for a fully co-ordinated look, with lanyards that match your ID cards & the rest of your business branding.

If custom printed lanyards are the way you want to go, ours come in 15mm, 20mm or 25mm widths with low minimum order quanties, plus a quick 5-day turnaround as standard to help you get started.

And don't forget your badge holders! Feel free to have a look at the badge holders available for purchase on our website, or go to our handy guide that talks about the various types of badge holder available and their uses.

Got a question?

If you have further questions about lanyards and which might work best for you, please feel free to email me. I'd be happy to help.


Got a Question?

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