ID Card Design Specifications

If you're wondering how to set up your ID card artwork, you've come to the right place. First, most ID cards, includling ours, are the same size and thickness as a standard UK bank card. They measure 85.6 x 54mm, with a thickness of 0.7mm. To create an ID card design suitable for printing onto these, please use the artwork specifications on this page.

Page/Canvas Size

Your artwork, page or canvas size should be set to:

Width: 86mm or 1015 pixels

Height: 54mm or 638 pixels

Colours: CMYK

Working within a 82x50mm 'safe-zone' will keep your data 4mm away from the edges of the card. This prevents important data from being cut off during printing, and it helps keep your card design balanced and easy on the eye.

For full bleed designs, simply add 3mm to each side of your artwork, i.e. set your page size to 89x57mm, but continue to work within the same safety-zone area.

Things to consider...

It's easy to forget to adjust for badge holders and slot punches, which can obstruct parts of your design such as your logo, staff photos and sometimes even the text. So here are some measurements to help you create a design that works with most open face badge holders, or cards with slot punches.

Slot Punch

Slot punch sizes might vary from one ID card printer to another. Ours measure 3x14mm and need to be placed approx. 4.5mm from the edge of the card (to the top of the slot punch).

Badge Holders

These measurements are based on our UK manufactured EVOHOLD® badge holders, which have a top and bottom strip that holds your card in place. These strips obstruct a small 5x45mm section at the top and bottom of your ID card, as pictured above. Portrait orientated badge holders have similar measurements but with the strips on eiter side of the holders.


For the best results, please set your artwork to CMYK.

This is because our ID card printers produce colours using CMYK, but don't worry if your artwork is already set to RGB because we'll convert it for you during the print process - for free.

Please note that colours printed onto your ID cards will likely appear darker than they are on your screen. This is due to the way colours are produced on-screen vs printing, especially if your colour profile is set to RGB instead of CMYK. You can find out more about this in our CMYK vs RGB Colour Profiles guide, or contact us with your questions.


Sans Serif fonts print best on our ID cards. Serif and Script fonts can be used, but they won't print quite as clearly as a nice, clean Sans Serif font.

When adding text to your ID card design, please use minimum font sizes of 6pt. If you do use smaller fonts that are between 6-7pt, we recommend setting them to bold, and using no more than two CMYK colours for them.

Graphics & Resolution

Our ID card printers produce photographic resolution prints, so your artwork should be set to 300dpi for the best possible results. Any graphics you insert into your artwork should be 300dpi, too, such as logos, icons and photographs.

If you're creating your design using vector software, remember to convert your fonts to curves or outlines before you export your artwork. That way, your fonts will print accurately.

You can send your files to us in one of several formats, from JPGs and PNGs to PDFs and even your original design files.

Need some advice?

Not sure if your artwork is good for printing? Email me and I'll check it for you, providing feedback where needed.

If you want to save time and money by making sure your cards are perfect the first time round, let us design an ID card for you. We'll base the design on your logo and branding, and can match it to the look of your website or business stationery. It only costs £15 and we'll save your ID card design to make future orders quick and easy.

And remember, when you order ID cards from us at Cardaxis™, you always get to see printed sample cards before your final order is printed.

Feel free to call or email me for more information, I'd be happy to hear from you.


Got a Question?

Send us a message & we'll be in touch to answer your questions within just an hour or two.

Cardaxis™ are a dedicated ID card printing service, supplying businesses of all sizes with photo ID cards for their staff, trainees, volunteers, visitors and more. We design, customise and print all ID cards in-house at our Manchester print office, using British manufactured PVC as standard.

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