How it Works

1. Design → 2. Approve → 3. Print!

Here's how to order your custom printed ID cards in 3 easy steps. We keep the entire process simple & easy to save your time & money.


After placing your ID card order online or by contacting us, simply send us your logo/details & we'll create a unique ID card design for you.

If you have your own ready-to-print designs, send them to us & we'll check over them for you before moving on to the next step.


You'll receive proofs & samples of your ID card for review & approval.

The design we create for you can be changed until you're 100% happy with the way your ID card looks, or you'll have the opportunity to tweak your own designs if needed.


On your approval of all proofs & samples, we'll print & dispatch your entire order on the very same day.

If we created your ID card design, we'll customise each card with names, job titles & photos for you. Your photos will even be cropped down to size or can be converted to black & white for a sylish finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I send my data to you?

Easy! You can send your data to us by email ( or through data sharing applications like WeTransfer, Dropbox or Googledrive. You can also send it via USB drive or CD in the post. Let us know what works best for you.

First, we'll need your logo and design instructions so we can start creating your ID card design. Then we'll need a list of details (names, job titles, etc) plus labelled photographs for each person who needs an ID card so we can customise and print a card for each of them.

If you're creating your own designs, you can send them straight to us as either PDF, JPG or PNG files, etc.

For logo & graphics design, simply send us your design brief & we'll get straight to work.

Q. What if I need more cards in future?

Your designs are saved on our system, meaning future orders are quick & easy.

When you need more ID cards, simply send us the details & photographs of your new cardholders, or your ready-to-print designs & we'll print on the very same day.

For graphics design & business stationery, let us know what you need & your files will be sent to print on the very same day, too.

Q. Are the ID cards personalised?

Yes. If you opt for our design service, we'll create your ID card design & save it, which enables us to customise all ID cards for you - for free, forever.

We can usually customise your own designs too, depending on the format you provide it in.

If you prefer to create all your own files though, simply create a customised ID card for each person and send it to us for printing.

Q. Can you print onto my own cards?

Yes! We tailor our print service to your needs.

We can print using your own RFID or NFC smart cards, or another type of card you might have already purchased. The cards will need to be a standard bank card size (CR80) & be in a clean, new condition.

You can opt for our design service or send your own ready-to-print designs as normal.

Send us a message
to let us know how we can help.

Q. Can my designs be updated?

Yes, your designs can be updated at any time.

Simply tell us what changes you need & we'll make them. You can even opt for a fresh design re-created from scratch.

You'll get to see new proofs of any adjustments we make, including a printed sample of your ID card.

If you create your own designs, let us know about the changes & we'll print a new sample for you.


Need a brand new logo for your business, or does your old logo need refreshing? How about some fresh business cards, leaflets or letterheads to match your new ID cards?

Get in touch to let us know what you need. We'll take some time to learn about you & your business so we can create the best designs for you.

→ If you already have some design ideas, simply let us know or send your sketches to us. Or sit back & let us come up with something for you.

→ You'll receive your design concepts as PDF files for approval, where you can approve or request changes to the designs we create for you.


→ On your approval, we'll finalise your files & send them to you with full transfer of ownership. If you've ordered any prints, these will now be processed, too.

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