How ID cards are good for business

Our clients tell us the ID cards we’ve printed for them have helped improve customer relationships & boost their business image. Here's how:

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1. Brand exposure

2. Business image

3. Client relationships

4. Increase security

5. Empower staff

1. Increase your brand exposure

Printed ID cards showcasing your business logo, worn by your staff or business representatives are visible to hundreds of people each day. All who see your ID card could be a potential client, customer or partner to your business.


Your cards may be visible in the workplace by visitors, or by the general public while staff are commuting to & from work or out on lunchbreaks, so let’s maximise the potential of the humble ID card & turn it into the powerful brand exposure tool it can be!


A good ID card design will feature your logo & be based on your branding scheme. Try to use the same fonts & colours that are on your shop/office front, website or business cards for a consistent look to make sure your brand is recognised & remembered.

2. Improve business image

A well-designed ID card featuring your logo will look smart & inspire confidence in your business.

When worn clearly on display & printed with concise information, they help to show your business is honest & accountable with nothing to hide. This can encourage your audience to trust your business & its representatives, helping boost your business image so you can gain more clients.

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Professional looking ID cards convey a positive business image & show everyone that you care about the safety, security & wellbeing of your staff, clients & the public.


In summary, a smart & informative ID card will reflect well on your business. If you spot someone wearing a badly designed ID card, what might your impression of their business be? Disorganised? Lack of care & attention to detail? And what about when you see a smart, eye-catching ID card with a sharp & concise design?

3. Boost customer relationships

ID cards look & work best when worn in high quality badge holders, attached to clips or lanyards that ensure they stand out & are easily visible to your potential audience.


By enabling your potential clients & customers see your ID cards easily, you’re letting them know that you’re an open, honest & accountable business that they can trust. When you have key information like names, job titles & a photograph printed clearly on your ID cards, your potential customers can easily identify with your business representatives.

ID cards put names to faces, which helps put people at ease & in turn encourages higher customer engagement with your business & representatives.


If you’d like to learn more about the most useful information print on to your ID cards, see our guide: What to Include on Your ID Card.



4. Increase business security

ID cards are mandatory for many modern businesses & for good reason. They allow for quick & easy identification of individuals, with higher security over who is entering your premises or accessing restricted areas.

Security Guard

When staff are required to wear their company ID cards, whether in the workplace when working on external sites, it becomes much easier to determine if there is someone on the premises that shouldn’t be.


If lots of visitors or temporary workers visit your workplace, it might be useful to have photo ID cards printed for your permanent staff plus a secondary set of reusable cards printed to hand out to your visitors.


These cards could be designed to match your photo ID cards, stating: ‘Visitor’, ‘Temporary’ or ‘Contractor’, for example. You can issue matching lanyards to go with them, too.

There are plenty of options. Like colour coding your cards for access control, or printing scannable barcodes or QR codes on to the front or reverse of your cards. You can even have your badges printed using cards that feature encodable magnetic strips & smart chips.



5. Staff benefits

Your team will be proud to wear smart looking ID cards, which will help staff feel empowered & part of the team.


ID cards printed with clear cardholder information will take away the worry of remembering everyone’s names which helps put staff at ease throughout the working day & at meetings or presentations. Having an ID card system in place enhances a sense of safety amongst your staff, too.


Overall, well-designed ID cards can help make your staff feel more confident, happier & at ease at work. And it’s widely known that happy staff are more productive & will represent your business in the best possible light.

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