About ID Card Printing & Plastic Cards

Tips & information about ID cards, design & how they can boost your business

Welcome to our knowledge centre, where you can learn all about custom printed ID cards and plastic cards. Learn how to design your own cards using Photoshop and other Adobe or Affinity design software. Find out which fonts and colours work best for plastic card printing techniques, too.

We've put together guides to help you decide what information to include in your ID card designs, plus guides on which lanyards and badge holders will best suit your needs.

ID cards are an important security tool within your business, but when properly designed and professionally printed, they can do so much more for your team and business image.

What to include on your ID cards

Learn about useful data to include on your ID cards

How ID Cards Help Boost Business

Find out how ID cards can help boost your business

ID Card Specifications

All you need to create your own ID card designs using Photoshop, Indesign, Affinity and more

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Which fonts print best?

Some font types print better than others when it comes to ID card printing. Find out more.

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Creating & exporting your ID card designs

Learn about how to correctly create & export your ID card artwork

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A handy guide that talks you through creating your own cards in Photoshop

Find out which colour profiles to use when creating your ID card artwork

All about lanyards

Learn about different types of lanyards & their functions

All about badge holders

There are lots to choose from. Learn more here & get help making a choice

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Types of plastic card

Find out about the types of plastic ID cards are made from, which we use & why

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ID Cards


ID Cards


ID Cards

How much do ID cards cost?

Our price per card is low. The smarter business image you achieve from equipping your business with ID cards can help you gain more contracts & clients, too, helping increase your overall profit. Order Online.

What size are the ID cards?

Our cards are the same size & thickness as a standard UK bank card. That's 86x54mm with a 0.76mm thickness (CR80). They also have a similar feel to a bank card in terms of flexibility.

How quickly can you print my cards?

Your cards are normally designed, customised, printed & dispatched on the same day you place your order. We dispatch using fast & secure delivery services, too.

Do I need to make my own design?

We can print your own ID card designs, or if you haven't the time & technology, we'll do the hard work & will design the ID card for you using your logo & business information. Contact us for more info.

Are the ID cards printed in colour?

Yes! Our cards are printed in full & vibrant CMYK colour as standard, at no extra cost. The cards are printed at photographic resolutions of upto 300dpi, too, for super-sharp texts & detailed images.

Got a different question?

Feel free to contact us with your questions.

We're happy to help & you'll get a response to your enquiry within just an hour or two.

ID Cards Printed for all Industries

We print ID cards to suit any industry or environment you might work in. Be it an office at home or in the city, up & on the move either indoors or outside.


We’ve printed a lot over the years. From a huge variety of photo ID cards & volunteer badges, to qualification & accreditation cards, all the way to prop ID cards for actors in theatre productions & live art!


Who do you need ID cards for? Office employees & volunteers? Registered nurses & other healthcare staff? We’ll print cards for your students, teachers & childcare practitioners. For your sales reps, security staff & contractors. Are you a tradesperson? We’ll print your ID cards, too. Electricians, plumbers, builders… butchers, bakers & candlestick makers...


ID cards printed for all industries. Try us & see.